Face of aFREAKa

Posted on June 02, 2013 by Joachim Schuckmann

"Face of aFREAKa" photo shoot

Jenna Manthé, face of aFREAKa

In April 2013 aFREAKa launched a competition to find the "Face of aFREAKa". aFREAKa fans were invited to submit their applications and photos and stand a chance to win an amazing aFREAKa onesie hamper, as well as represent aFREAKa at various events.

Jenna Manthé (@JennaManthe) was chosen as the 2013 "Face of aFREAKa" and it was difficult to believe that it was her first photo shoot! Jenna was absolutely amazing.

Jenna Manthé, face of aFREAKa

Completely relaxed and full of positive energy throughout the day, it was a real pleasure working with her, and the team cannot wait for the next opportunity.

A big thank you to Vetman design and photography for his help, as well as Zoë Ryan for modelling some of our designs and so helping us to successfully get through our catalog shoot.

Have a look on our website at Jenna wearing our South African onesies, and keep a lookout for her at the next aFREAKa party!

Jenna Manthé, face of aFREAKa

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Onesie Party - Cape Town

Posted on May 27, 2013 by Joachim Schuckmann

onesie partyThe first official onesie party took place at Affinity in Cape Town! The event was hosted by aFREAKa and Red Stag, and was organised by Onesie South Africa. "Face of aFREAKa", Jenna Manthé, was there too, as was Omni Vogue blogger Lauren Chowles (wearing our white tiger). Check our her blog entry about the event here.

About 200 crazy fans attended the event, with long-time aFREAKa fan DJ Fletcher playing an awesome set along side Affinity DJs! The aFREAKa team already has some more events lined up, so watch this space for more details!

onesie party

onesie partyonesie party

onesie party

You can have a look at the PHOTO GALLERY on our Facebook page here

DJ Fletcher

DJ Fletcher is one of Cape Town's pioneering dj's and producers. His vast range of musical styles and deep love of music have been winning him fans since he first turned to the turntables in 1995.

Fletcher has been a fan since the start, and can be seen wearing our gear whenever he plays his sets. Thanks for representing!


onesie partyOmni Vogue blogger Lauren Chowles wearing our white tiger onesie

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