INYE Onesies (Kids)


Kick-Ass comfortable aFREAKa Onesie ideal for leasure and pleasure!

Made from 100% brushed cotton fleece, machine-washable 30°C, do NOT tumble dry, zip yourself closed, side and front pockets!

NB: Colours of aFREAKa products on this website may differ slightly to the actual item due to your screen resolution.

Disclaimer: Despite every effort to source the specific colour to make the onesie as per images shown on this website, actual colours may vary slightly.

Note: If you cannot find you favourite colours, please email us

Size Guideline (head to toes): 2-3 yrs (90-100cm) // 3-4 yrs (101-107cm) // 4-5 yrs (108-114cm) // 5-6 yrs (115-119cm) // 6-7 yrs (120-124cm) // 7-8 yrs (125-129cm) // 8-9 yrs (130-134cm) // 9-10 yrs (135-144cm) // 11-12 yrs (145-154cm)