About Us

Thank you for looking up who is working behind the scenes at aFREAKa.

Is it a Pig? Is it a Rhino? 

Many people have asked what animal our logo represents? The idea behind aFREAKa and our philosophy is that everybody should be able to be whatever they want to be, even if only for a short while. And sometimes we are different things to different people, making it difficult to label us or clearly define us. Our FREAK represents exactly this. He has the ears of a rabbit, the horn of a rhino, the tail of a pig and the feet of an elephant. He is a little bit of everything, perhaps just like you; perhaps just like us. So with our onesies we would like to provide you with an opportunity to explore that inner freak and become part of aFREAKa! 

Who is aFREAKa?

The team consists of Ole and Greg. Ole is the company's founder and creative mind behind many of our designs. Some of you will have met Ole at music festivals where he has been representing aFREAKa and showcasing our South African onesie range, and many of you will have already chatted to him via our various social media platforms. Also part of the team is Greg who is responsible for running the shop, sourcing & sales. aFREAKa was launched in 2011 and has established itself as the premium supplier of onesies in South Africa

How did it all start?

In 2011 aFREAKa's founder, Ole, had an animal costume made for himself before heading on a road trip (a black cat). He spent each day (and night) in his animal onesie, driving, shopping, fishing, hiking and realised how amazingly comfortable (and practical) this onesie actually was. What was a little surprising at first was the overwhelming response from onlookers, who showed a keen interest in the animal suits. When more and more started asking where one could buy these in South Africa, the idea for aFREAKa Clothing was born.  

Realising that animal onesies may not suit everybody, we developed our INYE range.  INYE meaning "one" in Xhosa and refers to the style of the suit, i.e. the onesie.

Where is aFREAKa located?

The team operates from Cape Town, which is also where all products are designed and manufactured. Sales are predominantly done online, but a great number of onesies have also found new owners at festivals, or through selected shops in and around Cape Town. Through our online store and the marvel of modern infrastructure, we are able to sell and deliver our products to anywhere in South Africa, promoting the country to become a onesie nation.

Our Products

aFREAKa offers 80 different animal / character designs (52 of which are available here), which are all made from polar fleece, making them super comfortable and easy to wear.  For those who are not quite ready for the full animal suit, we also offer animal hats which will keep your head nice and warm during the colder nights. Remember: Winter is coming! 

If animal onesies are not really your thing, we also offer our range of INYE onesies. INYEs are stylish and comfortable one-piece suits with a full-body sipper and pockets. We have a total of 20 different designs (but not all offered on our online store yet).

Our INYE range is made of 100% cotton. Contact us or visit our facebook page for more details on where you can get our aFREAKa INYE.

Of course we also cater for children. Our kids onesies are made specifically for our little fans. And as our onesies are top quality, they will last much longer than cheap imitations.

All our products are machine-washable at 40°C. But do not tumble dry.