Zaphir Chimes (made in France) NEW STOCK ARRIVING IN 2024


Zaphir Chimes are well-known for over more than 30 years. Their high quality, the beautiful colours and crystal clear sound makes them an ideal companion for relaxation, yoga and meditations, sound journeys, other forms of therapy or "just" a soothing background sound. They are completely made by hand in the Pyrenees Mountains of France.

Hold the chime by its string, move it gently and let the sound bath you... A magic play of harmonies will leave you astonished and smiling.

The handy size of these instruments makes them easy to use and play or leave them hanging in the doorway, close to a window and a little breeze may surprise you with unexpected melodies. If placed outside, the chime should be under a roof or porch overhang to keep it dry.

Each instrument has 8 metal rods of different length, welded with silver into a metal ring at the bottom of the cylindrical resonance tube. The tube itself is constructed from a mesh made from thin layers of strong, long fibre celluloid, tightly wound in a spiral to deliver beautiful acoustic qualities. After assembly, the instrument is tuned by hand in order to refine the interaction of tones and overtones. These chimes are not meant for children under 5 years old.

The Zaphir Chimes come in 5 tunings and each in its unique colour:

Crystalide (Spring) (notes G A B D A G B D // chromatic scale)

Sunray (Summer) (notes G# B C# E G# E A C# // chromatic scale)

Twilight (Autumn) (notes E G B C E G B C // chromatic scale)

Blue Moon (Winter) (notes D F A B C E A# C // pentatonic scale)

Sufi (Intermediary Season - link between the others) (notes F A D F A G A D // chromatic scale)


6.5cm Diameter x 12.5cm Length

40cm Overall Length (hanging ring to bottom of chime)

Sound - Video